Improve Your Fitness With Ab Workouts

Exercising the abs is important for body fitness and overall body health. The abs section includes the spine which is a relatively fragile part of the body. Most workouts for the abs include crunches and sit ups. These are exercises that require the spine to be continuously flexed. These constant repetitions of the exercises can lead to pain in the lower back, and this has led to physical education experts developing practices that are more focused on the abs, and allow the spine to remain firm throughout the exercises.

Firming and flexing of abdominal muscles while keeping the spine steady is a style of abs workouts that can be very beneficial for body fitness. In this training method, the spine is kept stable, while the abdominal muscles are moved at regular intervals. This exercising routine prevents the unnecessary flexing of the spine and prevents herniation of spine discs. Stabilization exercises can lead to smart abs that do not cause any distress to the spine.

Your body gets stabilized, when you make sure that your body and spine are steady while you exercise. You can do this by reducing your support base, which is easily done by elevating one of the feet. Take the body to a position that is parallel to the ground until even the raising of an elbow will cause an imbalance. Then stabilize yourself by using the other elbow, and hold this position for as long as possible. Your body will learn the way to stabilize the body muscles while the abdominal muscles will have become tight.

Exercises that are called abdominal holds can give a lot of benefits to your abs while the exercises themselves are simple to do and practice. You need to sit in a  chair maintaining as straight as posture as possible. Keep your hands on the edges of the chair and make sure that your fingers point towards your knees. Raise your toes by a couple of inches while you tighten the abs. Now lift yourself from the chair and hold that position at least for ten seconds or more if possible, Lower the body back to its original position and do a few more of these lifts till your body screams for rest.

Another useful ab workout exercise you can do at home is the side crunch. This exercise will also help your oblique muscles and test your ability to balance yourself. In this exercise, you need to kneel on the floor and then lean towards the right and support yourself by placing the palm on the floor. Balance with an extended left leg and point the toes out so that your ankle is flexed. Your left hand then has to go behind the head with the elbow pointing towards the ceiling. Lift the leg to hip height and extend your arm with the palm faced forward and the arm positioned above the leg. Lower your body and do two sets of this exercise, after which you can change legs.

These exercises and others can be good ab workouts that will help you develop abs without in any way placing a strain on the spine.